Return to the Wall

Communique #4: Back to the Wall from Peoples DOT on Vimeo.

The People’s Department of Transportation (PDOT) is conducting a review of the pedestrian barricade at the NE 82nd Ave Transit Center.

The People will review areas of concern and propose methods and considerations for future projects as well as improvements to mitigate problems created by installing the wall rather than the planned mid-block crossing.

Preliminary findings point to undue preferential treatment given to car traffic in this area that appears to be symptomatic of a larger, systemic problem in the region.

Highlights of the investigation so far include: an exposé of the shadowy and influential committee that masterminded the installation of the barricade; the portrayal of regular transit users and neighborhood residents as dangerous criminals; and the misadventures of a bold chicken attempting to safely use the new crosswalks.

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The people took to the streets during Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual 2+ week festival of bike fun. Their mission was a serious one: identify examples of “transportation” infrastructure that impedes human mobility, record it, and do something about it.

And what did they find, right in downtown Portland? Another wall meant to prevent people from crossing the street, this time between the popular waterfront park and a busy part of downtown Portland. People, of course, cross anyway despite the wall. And the best part? It’s right in front of the ODOT office. Watch the video for more:

Transport Your Activism from Joe Biel on Vimeo.


Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their DOT: The People’s DOT!

On Friday, Feb 26 from 4:30pm – 6:00pm, PDOT is organizing volunteer crossing guards at and near the 82nd Ave Transit Center. We will help people to safely and legally cross the street in marked and unmarked crosswalks.

PDOT Communique #2: PDOT Needs You! from Peoples DOT on Vimeo.

Suggested attire is an orange jumpsuit, formal dress, or a chicken suit. Bring snacks, party hats, and smiles for all commuters.

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PDOT Communique #1: The Berlin Wall from Peoples DOT on Vimeo.

On February 19th, a rogue, out-of-town organization calling itself the “Oregon Department of Transportation” or “ODOT” will complete installation of a wall impeding access to transit and pedestrian facilities in an outer Northeast Portland neighborhood.

The wall was completed shortly before the People’s Department of Transportation (PDOT) was scheduled to begin work on the mid-block crosswalk and pedestrian signal preferred by local residents and transit users in a lengthy public process. (more…)

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In the face of red tape, infrastructure that serves the few at the expense of the many, and an increasingly dangerous and toxic environment in our nation’s public spaces and roadways, the People have chosen to rise up and form their own transportation department.

Further communiques to follow.